Emergenetics helped me field high-performing teams

Emergenetics saved my career. It was 1997: I was tired of expressing ideas and information I “just knew” and having it disregarded or ridiculed, even after much of it had proven correct.

I busily researched elementary education degrees. I would leave the corporate world, become a teacher and “catch them early”. My goal was to help children develop what we now call soft skills, such as listening, empathy and emotional intelligence.

Meanwhile, I was participating in ‘Influence’, a leadership development process for women created by Emergenetics founder Dr. Geil Browning, PhD, and her colleagues Carol Hunter and Tim Rouse.

The clouds parted for me during the two days in December when our group delved into the science of Emergenetics’ thinking and behavior preferences. Suddenly, I had a practical framework I could use to understand and speak to my gifts and the gifts of my corporate team members.

I began to appreciate the strengths I brought to the table in a way I never could before. My energy began to shift from beleaguered, to confident and curious. I wanted to learn more about how to speak to people in a language they could hear and understand.

Emergenetics helped me realise that classroom teaching wouldn’t give me the wide open spaces of innovation and team-building I desired. So, I stayed the course and deepened my understanding of Emergenetics first by applying it personally and later by obtaining the Basic and Advanced Emergenetics certification requirements, as well as thoroughly using the book written by Dr. Browning: ‘Emergenetics: Tap into the New Science of Success’.

Sometimes I think about what would have happened if I hadn’t been exposed to Emergenetics. Would I be standing in a class of second graders somewhere? Would I have missed the path that led me to use what I learned in those two days (and the many since then) to field high-performing teams that:

  • Secured funding for a project involving multiple non-profit organizations that was featured in the Stanford Social Innovation Review,
  • Co-created dynamic, successful leadership programs for women and men,
  • Provided business, government, and the non-profit teams tools that make it easier for them to solve complex problems,
  • Flourish by innovating, creating and catalysing positive change?

Emergenetics gave me the information, tools and resources I needed to persevere. Thank you for giving me the gift of “staying power”.

And that’s my Emergenetics story!

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