Emergenetics enlightens and
brings people together

I first came across the Emergenetics Profile during my certification in 2006. I was recommended by a fellow trainer who thought I might like using the profiling tool.

As a trainer, I was looking for something that would engage my audience and would involve fun and learning. Well, I found that in Emergenetics!

I love the profile, I embrace my profile and I enjoy working with my clients to help them discover more about themselves and their team members.

The 'light bulb' moments in workshops always amaze me when someone discovers more about themselves and why they do what they do. It is a great experience for participants when they are placed into their preferred thinking and behavioural attributes and given an activity where they can use their strengths effectively.

Many are able to say, “Wow! This is really me!”, and that has been both motivational and exciting.

To be able to show team members how their strengths matter to a team was also enlightening for groups who participate in team workshops. Communication is easier, understanding is greater and it makes for a workplace that has less confrontation and conflict because people have an understanding of how we can all successfully contribute via our unique strengths.

By working through our least preferred thinking and behavioural attributes in workshops, it shows us just how important our strengths are to the team and again how everyone can contribute. Having an understanding of how we might frustrate others, can help us attune our awareness of the people around us. It allows us to be mindful of what we are doing in the workplace and how it may affect the people we work with.

I love working through my strengths and love the challenge of working with my clients who are different to me.

Ten years later and I'm still learning more about myself each day.

And that’s my Emergenetics story!

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