Emergenetics provides a
common language for my family

I have a daughter named Emma, who has a tri-modal Emergenetics Profile with a preference for Conceptual, Analytical and Social thinking, and she has lots of energy to express herself to the world! Emma's mother, my wonderful introverted wife Cathi, has a significant preference for quiet structure and has brilliantly managed our home down to the last detail with a steady rhythm of consistent harmony and order.

Because I witnessed first-hand how Emergenetics helped teams to become more collaborative and high-functioning in the workplace, I decided to bring it closer to home. The impact was profound, particularly between Emma and her mom.

Emergenetics helped this teenage girl, who was growing up in a very organized, uncluttered, predictable environment, the right to not take notes during our family planning meetings, to wear clothes that didn't match or seem to be extremely accessorized, to be spontaneous and even to be dangerously adventurous to the rest of the green (Structural-preference) brains in the family.

Most importantly, Emergenetics gave our family a common language that has helped us to appreciate each other's differences, get past negative conflicts and grow beyond our own likes and dislikes. It helped two parents to be less insistent that their children be just like them and elevated their discovery of the awesome diversity between their five kids.

Finally, Emergenetics continues to play a part in the growing appreciation and affection our kids have for each other as they grow older... not despite their differences but largely because of them.

And that’s my Emergenetics story!

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