My Emergenetics Story

For the past 25 years, the Emergenetics Profile has been used by thousands around the world.

Just by understanding the thinking and behavioral preferences of the self and that of others, the profile has helped people improve their interactions with others at the workplace, at home, and in communities.

Here, we share with you stories of people who have benefitted from the Emergenetics Profile.

We welcome you to join us in sharing your story too, so we all can learn from each other.

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Here’s a collection of stories to inspire you!

The power of the Emergenetics Profile and Emergenetics+ app

  • Communication, Leadership

The Emergenetics+ app has enhanced John’s execution of the Emergenetics Meeting of the Minds workshop.

My Emergenetics Story : Appealing to the different thinking and behavioural preferences.

  • Communication, Leadership

How do teams go about developing a vision together? Come hear about how one question could spark an entire learning journey…

Helping individuals understand themselves better.

  • Communication, Leadership

Kosta Christofi firmly believes that the best development begins with understanding oneself and that it is through this understanding that better teams and overall working environments are created.

How business has grown with Emergenetics.

  • Communication, Leadership

David shares about how his story on how he became the Director of the Emergenetics UK office and how the business has grown since.

Overcoming my blindspots with Emergenetics.

  • Communication, Leadership

Steve speaks about how the Emergenetics Profile has led him to better self-management and understanding how to overcome his blindspots to bring out his best.

A common language that improves work performance.

  • Communication, Relationships

Russell shares about how Emergenetics gives people a common language to improve communication and work together to improve performance.

A fresh perspective with Emergenetics.

  • Communication, Relationships

Through the Emergenetics Profile, Liza was given a fresh perspective on how she values her own strengths and how people view the world.

Identifying my strengths and achieving more with Emergenetics.

  • Communication, Leadership

The Emergenetics Profile has shown Jennifer her strengths and how to leverage on them to achieve more than she ever thought possible.

Emergenetics ensures that each unique voice is understood.

  • Communication, Leadership

Making sure that everyone in the team is heard can be difficult. Yet, with Emergenetics, David shares how to ensure that each unique voice is understood.

Emergenetics enhance the way I communicate with others.

  • Communication, Leadership

Being Emergenetics certified has helped Anna to enhance the way she communicates with others and building her business up.

Emergenetics helps to achieve one cohesive language throughout the company

  • Communication, Leadership

Sonya Brown shares the impact achieved in Minor Group where its leaders were coached through Emergenetics to better their communication and selling skills.

Emergenetics is easy to use and easy to connect with others

  • Communication, Interpersonal

Weerapat shares how he found the Emergenetics tool to be user-friendly and reliable in his relationships with others.

Emergenetics opened eyes for mom and her four children

  • Relationships, Family

Emergenetics has helped open Razilla's eyes into seeing how her children think and behave…

Emergenetics provides a common language for my family

  • Communication, Family, Relationship

Emergenetics has helped Jerry and his wife, understand their daughter better, and learnt to appreciate the unique diversity she brings to the family.

Learning how to parent with Emergenetics

  • Relationships, Family

When Edgardo became a father, the overjoyed first-time dad took on the WEapproach to help him care for his newborn baby…

Same goal, different approaches…

  • Relationships, Communication

Heny and Maria realized that they needed to respect each other, despite their differences...

Emergenetics helps me to make better decisions with my business partner

  • Relationships, Communication

Andy and his business partner Shan K, have entire opposite thinking and behaviourial preferences, yet they make things work…

Emergenetics enlightens and brings people together

  • Communication, Interpersonal, Relationships

Karen Smythe speaks about how Emergenetics helps to engage her audience through fun and aids in learning at the workshops she facilitates. Ten years after first discovering Emergenetics, she still learns more about herself and her clients each day.

Giving a better project brief with Emergenetics

  • Relationships, Interpersonal

A project brief given is as important as when it is received. Shana learns how to give a better project brief with Emergenetics.

Emergenetics helps me be a better leader

  • Management

Deborah shares how Emergenetics helps her understand people better.

Using Emergenetics to understand the gap in my team

  • Work, Hiring, Teamwork

Kelly Fullerton shares how understanding her profile helped her, with the help of the Emergenetics Selection Program (ESP), to find the right fit for her team.

Emergenetics helped me field high-performing teams

  • Management

Emergenetics has helped give Sherry her confidence in finding her career, and has helped create opportunities for innovation and team-building.

Emergenetics helps me understand how my boss works

  • Leadership, Communication, Culture

Emergenetics helps Brad in the workplace every day. And the best example is in his interaction with his boss, Morgan.

Emergenetics as a common language to harness diversity

  • Cultures, Working Relationships, Differences

Austin Schneider talks about using Emergenetics as the bridge to harness different languages, cultures and backgrounds.

Leveraging preferences to bring out the best in students

  • Education

Marie Unger speaks about harnessing differences in expressiveness, in a classrom to bring out the best in students.

Living Emergenetics through Blue, Yellow, Red, Green Meetings!

  • Culture

Emergenetics is lived through in the office by organising meetings honouring all the attributes.

Emergenetics is about preferences, not abilities

  • Communication

Lionel and Kaiyang share how their Emergenetics preferences aided them in understanding how to make business decisions individually and together.

Emergenetics helped me to understand how to work with others effectively

  • Communication, Working Relationships, Self-Awareness

Chelsea Dillon shares how Emergenetics can be used to increase productivity at work.

Emergenetics gave my girlfriend and me new perspectives to our differences

  • Relationships, Interpersonal, Communication

Timothy shares how Emergenetics has given new perspectives to his relationship with his girlfriend.

Enhance meeting engagements with Emergenetics

  • Management, Relationships, Interpersonal,

Meetings are productive when we are able to connect with the participants at a level that they can connect with.

Different communication styles can improve relationships at the workplace

  • Management, Leadership, Culture

Yati speaks about improving her communication styles using Emergenetics and how it affects her relationships positively.

Developing a more cohesive and effective team

  • Communication, Management

Self-awareness and the understanding of others is very powerful in building a more cohesvie and effective team at the workplace.

Improving my facilitation and training skills with Emergenetics

  • Communication, Management, Leadership

Sanjay shares about how he has developed and honed his skills in facilitation through self-awareness and understanding others better.

The Emergenetics Profile reveals your brilliance - the way you prefer to think and behave.

The Emergenetics Profile was developed to distinctively measure how people think and behave. With this insight, you can develop personal strategies to get results.

Developed through years of psychometric research, the Emergenetics Profile accurately measures three behavioral attributes (Expressiveness, Assertiveness, Flexibility) and four thinking attributes (Analytical, Structural, Social, Conceptual). The attributes are represented in a clear, color-coded report, making it memorable and applicable immediately.

The Science Behind the Emergenetics Profile

  • Meets Standards for Educational and Psychological Testing
  • Uses Likert Scale (not forced choice) to measure intensity
  • Strong validity and reliability, including test-retest data
The Emergenetics Profile may be used for personal and team development in all areas of your life:

To find out more about the Emergenetics Profile and its applications, Read our Blog